The Waitemata Riding Club Incorporated is an adult only (21+) riding club based around West Auckland, New Zealand. We don't have our own grounds like a Pony Club which means we can be flexible as to where we hold our events.

Established in 1987, its aim is to provide a relaxed alternative to registered competitions and is proving just as competitive and fun. More >>





Upcoming Events (See EVENTS PAGE for more info):

As promised here is the LINK below for our latests Hoof Beats


We communicate in various ways such as emails and text messages. We also use Facebook (there are two pages we use - a Community page plus a Members only page) we find this is an easy/mobile platform when plans change or we need to get information out.

This website page...

We will be retiring this page soon and replacing it with a new (easier to use) version. We will pop up the link/details once it is visible and ready to go. All of the previous results etc will be archived on the new website and should be a slightly different but just as good looking.