Open to all riders that are 21 years of age. Our yearly fee is $40 with subs due July/August each year.

Banking Details:
National Bank  - 06 0254 0001134 00
(Please use references MBSP and Surname)

Please note:    You may cap up to two times at our events.  After that,  you must join if you would like to enter any  further events.  No refunds will be given for past capped events  when/if you join.  Non-members capping at any of our days will not be eligible for Points or Prizes from our events.  Points for our trophies only accumulate from when you join.

If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact Tania Aitken

Complete the Membership forms here:

Online form - CLICK HERE- This form can be filled in on screen, then it is automatically emailed to us

Your membership pays for:

*  Our Quarterly Hoofbeats Magazine
*  Admittance to all our events, seminars, social events etc

If you want to check your membership numbers click on the following link - we aim to update this list monthly:  Membership list