Regulations and Guidelines

WRC Regulations 

Please note - we are not affiliated to ESNZ in any way. Our rules are below as follows:

All riders must wear safety-approved hard hats when mounted at all WRC events.

Waitemata Riding Club will be adhering to the new safety helmets rule (red tag) from 1st of August 2017. From 1st August 2023 all helmets must meet the yellow tag standard and be tagged as such. This can be done through most pony clubs or at some Woodhill Sands events.

Link can be found HERE to view the Standards now required

No Stallions, Horses must be 3+ years.

There will be no gear checks. Please be responsible for having legal and safe gear - remember if you are unsure check with the organisers.

All members and their guests are required to behave in a sportsmanlike manner at WRC events. Abusive, derogatory and unsporting behaviour is not tolerated.

All entries for any event received after midnight on the cut off day will  be considered a "late entry" and will go on a waiting list - they also now incur a $10 charge which MUST be paid before you receive your number.

Please be courteous to other riders. Always assume the horse riding nearby is green. Never ride up close behind another horse and always look up and watch where you are going.

Please ride to your level - be fair to other members.

No one except yourself is allowed to warm your horse up for a competition.

Entry fees to be paid prior to competition day unless otherwise stated.

Each horse can only do a maximum of two tests in dressage events; only three rounds in Show Hunter/Show Jumping events and two rounds for a derby (Or as advised in the event details).

Be prepared to ride five minutes either side of your dressage draw time.

No ESNZ registered horses in training classes please.

You are not permitted to enter the dressage arena prior to the judges bell/horn.

Dressage tests may be commanded/called, and your caller is the only person allowed to stand close (within 1m) of the arena while you are competing. All horses and spectators must stay at least 3m away from the arena where possible.

Please be consistent with your horses name when entering events - otherwise your horse may miss out on winning a cup!

Dogs are generally not welcome at the venues we use - if in doubt please leave them at home.

Late entries incur an additional $10 fee.

A $20 capping fee must be paid each time for non members to compete.

You may cap up to two times at our events. After that, you must join if you would like to enter any further events. No refunds will be given for past capped events when/if you join. Non-members capping at any of our days will not be eligible for Points or Prizes from our events.

If a horse is pulled up at an event by a judge for being lame or uneven and subsequently eliminated then this decision is final and no further discussion will be entered into.

Horse Abuse Policy

No person may abuse a horse during an event run by WRC.

‘Abuse’ means an action or omission which causes or is likely to cause pain or unnecessary discomfort to the horse, including without limitation the following:

  • To whip or beat a horse excessively (e.g. more than three smacks of the whip will be considered excessive).

  • To use spurs excessively or persistently.

  • To jab the horse in the mouth with the bit or any other device.

  • To compete using an exhausted, lame or injured horse.

  • To leave a horse without adequate water and/or food.

  • To use any device or equipment which causes or may cause excessive pain to the horse.

Any person witnessing any abuse must report it to a member of the Organising Committee during an event.


A verbal warning from one of the Organising Committee at the event, and a written follow up after the event

A second verbal warning at the same event will result instant disqualification from event

A second or further verbal warning at any subsequent event, and a written follow up will result in suspension of membership from the club for the remainder of that WRC year, and loss of any points accumulated.

The person accused is to have a right to appeal which should be done in writing to the Committee. This appeal will be considered at an official committee meeting and the outcome communicated back to that member.