Entry Forms

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Entry Form Word (Emailed Version)

Please note: If you are paying by Internet banking please ensure that you have used the correct reference as stated on the Event Information. Please complete the Internet Banking entry form and email to the event organiser.

When entering club competitions, please familiarize yourself with all the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines on this page.

A $20 capping fee must be paid each time for non members to compete up to 2 times.

Please note:     You may cap up to two times at our events.  After that,  you must join if you would like to enter any  further events.  No refunds will be given for past capped events  when/if you join.  Non-members capping at any of our days will not be eligible for Points or Prizes from our events.

You must be 21 years of age or over to compete at any of our events.


Banking Details:

National Bank  - 06 0254 0001134 00  

(Please use references as outlined for the events on the Events page)


 Medical Card

You must wear a Medical Armband at every one of our events.  Download a copy of the Medical Armband card for your armbands here - please note this is suitable for use at our events. HOWEVER if you are attending an event outside of Waitemata Riding Club you will need to get a card from the saddlery as they do change colour each year.

Medical Card - Excel

Medical Card - Pdf