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Capping You may cap up to 2xs at our events per season.  After this point you must become a member to continue.  For more information please view our Rules and Regulations page.  

Banking Details:
National Bank  - 06 0254 0001134 00
(Please use references as outlined for the event)

Upcoming events:

25th - Show Hunter round 1 (Huapai)

7th - DD3 (WHS)

5th - Inhand (WHS)
19th - DD4

23rd - Show Hunter round 2 (WHS)
9th  Have-a-go "HAG" Dressage (WHS)


Show Hunter
DATE: 25th March 2018
VENUE: Huapai Pony Club, Kumeu Show Grounds, Waitakere Rd
TIME: 9.30 am start
COST: $8 per round, plus $15 Ground fee.  (non members: capping fee of $20 applies)
ENTRIES CLOSE: Wednesday the 20th March
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial. Surname) (SH1)
ENTRIES TO: Sarah Vernon
QUERIES: Jody Paddy/Sarah Vernon/Karine Dunn
INFO:  Enter please email Sarah on the official WRC Entry form.  Max of 3 rounds - Plus warm up.  You may only enter handy Hunter at 1 height not both

Order of the day:

Warm up (9.30 – 10)
60 Handy Hunter
65 Equitation

Lunch – Afternoon

Afternoon – High hunters

Warm up (no sooner than TBC for 30 minutes)
70 Handy Hunter
75cm Equitation
90cm - Demand only - Please see the note below!

NOTE: we will run a 90cm class only if demand (More than 4 riders). If you want to do 90cm please put on your entry - but give us an alternative of what you would like to do if we do not run this class

Medical armbands to be worn by all riders on the day. Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet.

No Dogs (No exceptions). All hay and manure must be removed as per the pony clubs request – please pick up after yourself.

All entries received after midnight on Wednesday 20th will be consider a late entry and will go on a waiting list. They will also now incur a $10 additional charge which must be paid before you receive your number


Introduction to Animal Communication - Learn to 'hear' what your horse is trying to tell you.
DATE: THURSDAY 26th April 2018
VENUE: Coatesville Settlers Hall
TIME: 7pm approx
COST: $TBC  (non members: capping fee of $20 applies)
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial. Surname) (SH1)
ENTRIES TO: Jody Paddy
QUERIES: Jody Paddy
INFO:  Ever felt like an animal in your life is trying to get a message through to you but you just can't decipher it? Maybe they are trying to tell you where it hurts or why they are sick. Maybe they are afraid of something and you just can't understand why. Maybe they have something to share about you. Frustrating for both of you.

We are picking up information subconsciously from the world around us all the time, but often put it down to inklings, hunches or don't even consider the source of it. When humans lived more integrated with nature, it was an everyday thing to telepathically communicate with other species. As we became more 'civilised' we forgot how to do it. The animals in our lives have lots of self-awareness, wisdom about our world and insights about us that they want to share. If you feel curious now's your chance to consciously connect even more deeply.

Come along and learn a simple technique to help you remember how go into a 'receptive' state so you can 'listen' and 'talk' back. Thinking 'I can't do that, I'm not telepathic'? If you've got a body, an ability to feel love and a sprinkling of humility then you have all you need to 'connect'. Come play - you never know what you might find out...

What to bring: photos of who you would like to chat with (can be on your phone), curiosity and an open mind & heart