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Ribbon Day
DATE: Saturday, 8th of August 2015
VENUE: Woodhill Sands
TIME: 9am
MEMBERS COST:  $35 half day, $45 full day (includes ground fee) - Members only entry (may open to non-members depending on numbers, will be $10 capping fee on top of entry)
ENTRIES CLOSE:  Monday, 3rd August 2015  (rings will be capped at 20 entrants)
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE:  (first initial.surname)(RD1)
QUERIES: Tiffany Mullany
INFO: Entries can be emailed on the official WRC entry form from our website to: OR posted to Ribbon Day, Waitemata Riding Club, P.O. Box 156, Kumeu 0841 (allow up to 7 days for delivery)

Direct credit can be made to Waitemata Riding Club 06 0254 0001134 00.  Please use as reference (first initial.surname)(RD1)
Note close of entries date, All entries received after midnight on the close date will be considered a late entry and will go on a waiting list. They will also incur a $10 additional charge which must be paid before you receive your number

Morning class options:

Cautious/Starting Out Ring: This ring is for the nervous or beginner rider or the rider that is just starting back.  This ring is not for young or green horses.  This is a safe ring for the riders that need that environment.
Green Horse Ring: This ring is for the people who are confident but may have a young horse or a green horse.  This ring is separate in order to create the right environment  for these horses and so that we don’t have issues for less confident competitors.
Novice Ring: This ring is for the confident rider with their horse who has competed a little bit or just wants to give this ago.
Confident Ring: This ring is for the people who are confident riders, who are happy doing anything on their horse, and would normally compete in the Open ring at a Ribbon Day.

Afternoon class options:    you are more than welcome to switch classes for the afternoon classes - the classes are based more on jump height then type.

Cautious jumping ring - 55cm max - This ring is full all entries will now go on a wait list
Novice jumping ring - 55-70cm max
Open Jumping ring - 70-85cm max

PROGRAM:  WRC Ribbon Day Programme 8 August 2015

Medical number armbands to be worn by all riders on the day. Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet.

The WRC Committee reserves the rightto refuse any entry and to change theprogramme.

The WRC Committee nor any venue, nor any representative of those bodies, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horse/pony, riders, spectators, land, vehicles or any personal property whether caused by their negligence or breach of contract in any way whatsoever.

Scratchings: We would appreciate you letting us know if you are scratching.  Your scratching can be sent to the organiser via email, or a phone call or text to the Cancellations/Scratching phone on 0201 113 231.

If you do not let us know you are scratching then you will not be eligible  for a refund.

All refunds must be accompanied by a Doctor, Farrier, Vet, Horse Dentist or Physiotherapist Certificate for the relevant horse or rider.

Refunds are for 75% of Entry fees only.  Refund requests must be received within  7 days of show to be considered. Forms on website.