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Show Jumping Clinic with Jaime Campbell
DATE:  Saturday 3 December
VENUE: JC Equestrian - 342 Bawden Road, Dairy Flat
TIME: as per draw
COST: $40 pp if groups are more than 3 people $50 pp if group is 2 people
ENTRIES CLOSE: Once spots fill
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial.surname)(JCE)
INFO:Clinic times are confirmed here:   JCE clinic

For parking if the turn around area opposite the arena is full please park in the grass area below the arena (for those that have been this is where we held the derby show) so you turn right as if you were riding to the jumping arena and park here. Please arrive ready to start at your time as you can see it will be a busy day and we need to keep to time slots.

Show jumping lessons with the very experience coach and Grand Prix rider Jaime Campbell. This clinic will cover all levels - Green, Nervous, right through to 1m + Groups will be a maximum of 5 riders and go for 1.5 hours. (1 hour for smaller groups).

Please put on your entry the height range you would like to be jumping so Sarah can group you accordingly. WRC Voucher are accepted for the clinic

Also this is a fantastic opportunity for you to not only have a lesson with Jaime but the following day JC Equestrian will be running an open training day competition where you can put your new found skills into practice.

Jaime will be on the ground at this competition to give you real time feedback and help you complete your course. More details of the competition will be uploaded on her JC Equestrian Facebook page AND share on the WRC FB page.

DATE: Saturday, 17 December 2016
VENUE: Coatesville Pony Club
TIME: 9.30am
COST: $30 for one round or $35 for two, includes GF. An additional $10 Capping fee if you are not currently a member - Maximum 2 rounds per horse.
ENTRIES CLOSE: 12th December 2016
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (firstinitial.surname)(SX)
QUERIES/ENTRIES TO: Jessie Montgomery
INFO: ShowCross is a combination of Show jumping and cross country combined. The event is designed to test riders speed and accuracy of show jumping, combined with the bravery and endurance of cross country, in a friendly atmosphere. The riders will jump around a shortened cross country and with show jumping fences throughout. Faults are incurred by knocking a rail (4 faults), a run out or refusal at a cross country jump (20 faults) or by going over the optimum time (1 fault per second).

This is our last event before Christmas and we will be giving each rider and helper a Christmas goodie bag – so come along and have an enjoyable day out.

The levels are:

Cross pole to 55cm
95cm (if enough interest)

Enter using the WRC entry form found on and state the height(s) you would like to do. Maximum 2 heights per combination.

Back Protectors and Medical armbands MUST be worn by all riders on the day or you may not ride. Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet.

All entries received after midnight on the 12th Dec 2016 will be considered a late entry and will go on a waiting list. They will also now incur a $10 additional charge which must be paid before you receive your number