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Phil Maddox Clinic
DATE: Sunday, 16 November 2014
VENUE: Phils arena, 58 Burns lane, Kumeu
ENTRIES CLOSE: When all spaces fill (You can go on a waitlist)
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial.surname)(PMC)
QUERIES:   Jenny De Bazin, Karine Dunn

WRC Phil Maddox Clinic 2014 -- Class list

Please use the correct entry form from here and email your entries to Emailed entry ONLY.

Each lesson last for 1.5hrs and the $40 includes the arena fee.

Lesson content:

* How to be safe and develop a partnership with your horse
* Decision making, mutual respect and leadership
* The principles of pressure and release
* How to recognise the littlest try from your horse
* How to effectively communicate with your horse through cues
* Learn to gain control of forwards, backwards and sideways by training the four areas of the horse (head and neck, shoulders, ribcage and hindquarters).

All work will be done in a bridle and if everyone could bring a dressage whip as well.

Show Jumping AND Show Hunter Day – Day 1
DATE: Saturday, 22 November 2014
VENUE: Woodhill Sands
TIME: Classes start 9.30am (Show hunter practice round 9 - 9.30 sharp)
COST: See Info Plus - an additional $10 Capping fee if you are not currently a member
ENTRIES CLOSE: Tuesday, 18 November 2014
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial.surname)(SJSH)
QUERIES:  Show Jumping – Jody Paddy, Show Hunter – Jenny De Brazin
INFO: You may do up to 3 rounds in EITHER Show jumping OR Show hunter – but you may not split your rings – One ring only per rider/horse.

Lots of spot Prizes on the day - plus an equitation prize in Show hunter, Judges choice for both rings, and a turnout prize in Show jumping

To enter please send your entry to on a completed entry form including your heights and membership number if you are a member


-  Show Jumping – Xpole round, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm,  80cm, (There will be a 90 - 100cm class if we have demand)
-  Show Hunter = 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 70cm Equitation,  80cm,  (There will be a 90cm class if we have demand)

Demand would be 3+ riders requesting these classes - please put on your entry if you would like to do these classes and if not available what heights you would do alternatively.


One class -   $8.00  plus $20 Ground Fee = $28
Two classes ($7 per class) - $14/00 plus $20 Ground Fee = $34
Three Classes ($6 per class) - $18.00 plus $20 Ground Fee = $38

Only your best two rounds will count towards the points trophy - maximum of 20 points available to earn on the day.

Non members are required to add an additional $10 capping fee for the day.  Payment is required before the event.

Medical armbands to be worn by all riders on the day. Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet. If you are unable to pick up your test sheets at the end of the day, please leave us a stamped self addressed envelope and we will be happy to post them out to you.

All entries received after midnight on the 18 November 2014 will be consider a late entry incur a $10 additional charge which must be paid before you receive your number