WRC Event Calendar - March 16

Scratchings/Cancellations:   Please go to our Scratchings/Cancellations page

Capping You may cap up to 2xs at our events per season.  After this point you must become a member to continue.  For more information please view our Rules and Regulations page.  

Le Trec
DATE: Sunday, 15th May 2016
VENUE: Coatesville Pony Club
TIME: As per time given, from 9am
COST: $25 including Ground fee
PLUS $10 Capping fee if you are not currently a member
ENTRIES: Hayley Drury - Will close when all spots are full
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial.surname)(LeTrec)
QUERIES: Jenny de Bazin
INFO: Le Trec Explanation May 2016

As is standard with all our Events - only our official Entry form will be accepted as your entry please. Available under Events - Entry Forms on our website.

These spots will full fast so email asap

Medical armbands must be worn by all riders on the day. Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet