WRC Event Calendar - April 2016

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Wine & Cheese Evening Mindset Workshop - Dismantling the Beliefs that hold your Riding back
DATE: Thursday the 8th of September
VENUE: Coatesville Community Hall - Mahoenui Valley Rd
TIME: 7.30pm
COST: $20 Members $30 Non-Members
ENTRIES & QUERIES: Suze Kenington
ENTRIES CLOSE: Monday the 6th of September
INTERNET BANKING REFERENCE: (first initial.surname)(WRD)
INFO: If riding was easy we would all be Charlotte or Toddy by now! But it's not...

We can feel like we are banging our heads against the stable wall, when the time and money we spend, doesn't result in the changes we want to see. We get frustrated at ourselves, our horses and the universe at large. It can feel like the world is sabotaging our plans.

What if it wasn't the outer world at all...what if I told you your inner world was getting in the way? Apart from having an urge to bop me in the nose you might be intrigued...

Would you like to know what dictates your actions? Would you like your thoughts to support your goals? This workshop will guide you through a powerful process to expose the beliefs that are getting in your way of your riding progress. Bring a pen and a willingness to explore your inner world for the good of your riding.