Scratchings/Cancellations:   Please go to our Scratchings/Cancellations page

Capping You may cap up to 2xs at our events per season.  After this point you must become a member to continue.  For more information please view our Rules and Regulations page.

General Event Rules: Medical armbands to be worn by all riders on the day.  Jackets, plaiting etc not required, casual wear ok, however please ensure suitable footwear and helmet. All hay and manure must be removed – please pick up after yourself.   Please visit our Rules and Guidelines page for more information

Banking Details:
National Bank  - 06 0254 0001134 00
(Please use references as outlined for the event)


With the current situation - COVID-19 - we are going to have to cancel our upcoming competitions over the next 3 months - Dressage, showhunter and ribbon day included... alongside both PCs and ESNZ.

We are still discussing whether it will be feasible to run some clinics.
Our riders health and well being is our biggest concern during this time - so please stay well and look out for those around you.
The WRC team!