Annual Trophies

We run a variety of yearly awards for our members every year.

  • You do not start accumulating points until you have joined.

  • All awards are based on the combination of horse and rider.

  • You can not win the same cup 2 consecutive years as a combination.

  • You must move up a level to win a series cup if you have won at a level already (Excludes level 4)

  • Have entered at least 2 days toward the cup you are winning egĀ  two jumping events to be eligible for the Jumping cups

Summary Below

High Points:

  • Overall - Flat and Jumping High Points

  • Jumping High Points - Low jumper (65 and under)

  • Jumping High Points - High Jumper (70cm+)

  • Flat High Points

  • Newcomer Rider Cup

Special Age Awards (for the horse):

  • Young Horse Cup

  • Maddie Memorial - Old Horse Cup/li>

Series (if 2 events run):

  • Dressage - level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Show Hunter

  • TTRs (Open and Novice)

Nominated Awards:

  • Presidents Cup

  • Tamara Sportsmanship Award

  • Bannerman Memorial Cup

  • Vernon Logistics - Turnout Award

  • Kris Hamilton Memorial

  • Beachcroft Equestrian - Moving on Up - A rider who has tackle successfully a new dressage level