Membership FAQs

How can I join/rejoin?

This is the same if you're joining for the 1st or 100th time. Please see our website, specifically with the link to the online form. Every financial member must fill in this form - the form then sends an email to me and I add your details to our database, and add your horses details for our cup accumulation table (so if you join early you can maximise your points for cups!), then I flick you an email with your membership number, then I add your email to our mailing system, and finally to our pdf list of members that goes onto our website.

How long does it take for my membership number?

As you can see, this takes fair bit time, and like the rest of the committee I volunteer my time, and juggle my full time job with my own riding, my other sports and my business. Please either make sure you fill in the online form well before your first event to ensure you receive your number in time, or add 'pending number' when entering the event. If you haven't heard back from me in a week, please email

What benefits do I get for being a member

You will receive a discount to the following places simply by quoting your membership numbers ) or a code on checkout if noted below)

Mulchit Landscapes - 10% off
Symmetryinmotion Pilates & Ponies - 10% off
TowEzy Trailers - 10% off
Tyre Traders West - 10% off
Equine Performance Therapy - 10% off
MicroMed - 20% off Code will be email to use at checkout (Will be email to you with membership)
Holbrooke equestrian - 10% off for online shop, instore and any service
Smashing Promotions - 10% off

As well as that you will also receive the following benefits:

  • No capping fee to our events.

  • Exclusive access to our membership only events.

  • We often open our events to members only first if they are likely to be popular.

What happens if I'm not receiving WRC emails?

These are only for financial WRC members, if you're just a FaceBook group member you won't get any perks of actually joining the club. Please email with your membership number and I'll double check your details on our mailing system.

I have another question about memberships/the club/an upcoming event?

Please read our pinned posts, and have a look at our awesome website - there's heaps of info on here. If you've had a look and still have an unanswered question then do not hesitate to contact me or another member on the committee. You can send us a FaceBook PM, write up a post or use our wrc emails, we love to hear from you and to help you.