I've been a member of the WRC for the past few years and prior to that I'd barely competed – most of my riding had been forest or farm riding, some cattle work etc, so I was pretty nervous about the whole idea of competing in general. Everyone is really friendly and helpful – you never feel like you are out there on your own. This makes it a great environment for younger horses or nervous riders and best of all you don't need to worry about plaiting up and dusting off your show jacket. The events are really well organised, the clinics are great with awesome instructors - and who knew you could have 'fun' at dressage competition days!
K Naden


I joined WRC in 2008 when I bought my first horse in 20 years and very nervously decided to try a dressage test, the first one I had ever done, and the horse! Everyone was super friendly and helpful, a lady i didn't know called out the test as I was too nervous to remember it and Jody took photos so I could remember my first ever test! Since then I have done a few more dressage tests, plus jumping clinics, timed trail rides and ribbon days! I really enjoy the events, they are low key but very well organised and you can still be as competitive as you like.


As an adult rider the WRC provides me with a club that caters for my needs: relaxed, helpful, fun, supportive and social environment. I was very nervous about competing however the WRC events really helped me to get over those nerves and do things I never thought I would. I would highly recommend all adults join and support the WRC as I feel we are privilege to have such a club. And a big thank you to everyone who makes these events happen.
G Lynn


I joined WRC so I could get back in to competitions again. I remember my first event - I was petrified!!! But everyone was so nice though and I kept going back. I have met the most amazing people through WRC - some real life long friendships. The best thing about WRC is you are surrounded with like minded people - You never have to worry what everyone thinks as they are all so supportive.
J Paddy